Turning, Milling, Boring, Drilling, Reaming, Threading, Slotting, Gear Cutting, CNC, Numerical control, High precision mechanical workings,
Special tools ,Cast iron ,Brass, Alluminium, Steel, Light alloy , Lathes, Threads, slotters, bores, reamers, Machining centers
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Since to the origin, the Carnevali&Bacilieri industrial mission is meet the customers need to develop the best solution in terms of price and delivery time pointing to excellence for the final components quality.
For our customers the C&B industrial strength is from:
FLEXIBILITY in manage the production plans to answer quickly to the customer request.
COMPETENCE AND LARGE EXPERIENCE in design and develop special tools and clamping devices
HIGH QUALITY Today precision and no fails are the necessary condition for every business that intend to compete in sub-furniture market. To ensure these conditions we use steady production procedure. A close production control is doing for every production cycle. C&B as built from long time an air-conditioned test room with a 3 dimensional co-ordinate CNC Machine to obtain the best result from these controls. Thanks to these instrumentation We are able to supply a test form on customer request. The our internal production procedures and management documentations are certified congruent with ISO 9001.


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Telefono +39 059 281756 Telefax +39 059 280617 E-mail: admin@carnevali-bacilieri.com
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