carnevali & bacilieri
Turning, Milling, Boring, Drilling, Reaming, Threading, Slotting, Gear Cutting, CNC, Numerical control, High precision mechanical workings,
Special tools ,Cast iron ,Brass, Alluminium, Steel, Light alloy , Lathes, Threads, slotters, bores, reamers, Machining centers
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Carnevali & Bacilieri is specialized in small and medium production series but thanks to the modern and extremely flexible installations it is suitable also large production. The components worked in C&B are from several manufacturing sectors like Agricultural machinery, Petrochemical valves, Machining centers, Pump castings, crank shaft,gear boxes etc.
C&B has large experience in working cast iron components but we work also Steel, AISI Steel, Alluminium, Magnesium alloy and brass.


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